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Lone Wolf Territory

which is a free and independent state (corporation sole) existing inside Kanienke, as part of Kanienkehaka thirty+ square mile land claim (August 2012) area known as Osakentake.

Druryville is principal municipality (Capital) of Lone Wolf Territory.

Druryville is a sustainable covenant community and place of refuge dedicated to advancement Yahshua Messiah's Kingdom of Peace, and not the advancement fascist State Religion or divine right of despotic kings or vicars.

We have nothing to do with Judea-Christendumb (daughters of the great whore), the beast (Judaism) or its image (Catholicism), who practice slavery, sheoplism, mind control, usury, peasant marriages, genocide and monopoly capitalism.

We give thanks and gratitude to the Great Spirit (Yah, Source) for His wings of protection, and the guidance He provides through the Woman of Wisdom, which brings the Light to mankind.

We do not believe the Great Spirit (Creator, Yahavah) made junk; it is evil men who produce JUNK and deception.

Lone Wolf Territory is free state for Onkwehonwe and those aligned, therewith, and is outside and without jurisdiction of corporate State of New York, New York State, United States and United States of America. We do not subscribe to or support the CON CON (Constitution) or de facto governments created, thereby, under British Crown or rule of the Holy See (Article VI and Treaty of 1213). The United States of America is the most successful Communist nation in the world, existing since March1861, which speaks with forked tongue. There is a dire need to return rule of law, Articles of Confederation and Great of Law of Peace (Kaianerekowa), wherein these are in harmony with the Great Law of Love and its 679 Statutes of Liberty.

Druryville Parish is located on Grass Creek (Osakentake) near the St. Lawrence River ( Kanawake).

Druryville is covenant community where men live and work in peace and love as brothers.

Where the Law of Love, Peace, Justice, Freedom and Truth reign, promoting brotherhood of Love and Peace, protecting each other and the environment in which we live. We are here as stewards of the land, and not as abusers.

The municipality of Druryville is approximately two square miles. Druryville Power Company, Camp Beaver and portion of Grass Lake Wildlife Management are inside Druryville municipal area. At present, Lone Wolf Territory encompasses about 3800 areas, most of which are wetlands or man made lake.

Druryville is depicted as free society in which “every man's home is his castle, and every man is sheriff at his front door.”

All who inhabit here are expected to be armed for common defense, it is their right and duty. Free societies of armed populace have no need for Fascist or Fabian socialist police states.

Druryville supports renewable and sustainable energy. It is our goal to provide green energy for this entire community within three to five years at reasonable fee. We hope to start work on construction of hydroelectric plant in 2015. We have potential of 6000 to 30,000 gallons of water per minute depending on rainfall and elevation at which we maintain water levels. There is a potential of 75 to 500 KW production of electricity from hydroelectric and about 15 to 20 KW from solar electric.

Within Druryville and inside boundaries of Lone Wolf Territory we have set aside approximately 2500 acres of wetlands and waterway as our national preserve and treasure for Lone Wolf Territory; said preserve has been posted since July 2011 as Grass Lake Wildlife Management. Membership or fees are required to use Management area. This private management area is comprised of approximately 3½ mile long waterway and its adjoining wetlands, and all that is contained inside the banks of this waterway and reservoir above man made dam up to the elevation of 327.75 feet above sea level. Only two adjoining land owners have access or right of way to the water. When I was young, most of the present lake did not exist, however, I helped build the man made dam, which created this wilderness paradise over forty years ago.

Beside the preserve, there is Camp Beaver, campground located in Grass Lake Wildlife Management preserve on a 70 acre peninsula near the dam site, which located near center of photograph below, and began basic wilderness camp operations in 2011; however, there remains a lot of work yet to do. The campground area was hit by tornado in March 2012, which resulted in a large number of big trees being blown over. Camp Beaver's primary goal is to provide young people with a safe place to come camping with intent to develop self worth and confidence, while learning survival skills and enjoying wildlife, wilderness setting and the great outdoors. At present Camp Beaver has boats, canoes, a sail boat and one paddle boat for water recreation.


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Grass Lake Wildlife Management has its own rangers and maintenance personal.

Druryville has its own Regent, Marshal, Jurist and Clerk. We look forward to having our own Post Office and Lone Wolf Trading Post, hopefully by summer of 2015 or 2016. We, also, have plans to build a medical center before 2020, which depends on available funds and growth of this community. We now have two greenhouses with total of 125 square feet. We hope to have an 800 square foot dome greenhouse built by summer 2015. We have plans to eventually build two 1,700 square foot greenhouses, capable of growing and protecting tropical trees.

The adjoining property on our northern border was sold to some very nice people (Eskimos) from Alaska, who have proven to be asset to this community. The adjoining twelve acre section of land on our southern border with modern two bedroom house was purchased by a nice lady in 2013, who, too, has contributed to this community. Another farm near by with solar electric sold in September 2012. And, there is a 50 acre retreat owned by Tree of Peace Society approximately one mile from our border.

Druryville is looking for families, who have interest in building sustainable covenant community. This community has great potential, however, we are in need of ten to twenty families of like mind to come join us in this adventure for better future. Combining of various skills is what makes any community prosper. We have potential of building three to five cluster communities (with 3 to 5 homes per cluster), as well as, one to three commons and a huge community center on top of the mountain (or hill depending on your perspective) at Camp Beaver. If you have interest in this community please contact us.

We are serious about building and advancing this new state, here is what our auto placards look like. These are similar to the placards being used in Tennessee by the Cherokee and Washitaw Nations. They have won cases in Tennessee, Kansas and Louisiana over State cops trying to stop the use thereof. The Washitaw are now suing the State of Tennessee for trespass against their sovereign Right. The Tuscarora in Michigan won a case (for a former Michigan militia state commander) in March 2014 as to use of their placards.

The State of New York appears to have a desire to be sued with their unlawful arrest of Druryville's Regent (governor) for they claim as to operating an unregistered and uninspected vehicle, without insurance. However, there was a valid inspection sticker on the vehicle, the truck was registered in Lone Wolf Territory and their was and still is a valid insurance policy on side truck. The gangsters (Mafia) running State of New York tend to be hard headed and greedy. They enjoy operating monopolies and skimming profits for personal gain at expense of the people; and they will lie, lie and lie some more to maintain power and control. However, that can be expected from a State, whose Governor MURDERED seventeen little children under the age of ten in 1995. Gangster always justify that might makes right. You should know that “it's only business!

Tuscarora, Kanienke, Akwesasne and Saint Regis Indian are preparing to use similar placards, as well. The State of New York was not right, nor within their authority or jurisdiction to take such fraudulent action against Right of foreign sovereign power, proving its unwillingness to live in peace with its neighbor. Though, its paramilitary presence on Okwehonwe soil is also an act of aggression and violation of the peace. The State of New York also five times in 2012 invaded this State (Druryville) in violation of its own law and the Laws of Nations. However, in 2013, the State Troopers did set foot in Druryville the entire year, amazingly it was a peaceful year without presence of the gestapo; and it appears that 2014 is about to be the same with only six weeks remaining.

We are head for multimillion Dollar claim in district court of the United States or Court of International Claims, if the gestapo arises again.

Updated November 2014.



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Be sure that the SLAVE ZONE NUMBER is correct or the United States Postal Service (David Rockefeller owner) has tendency to misdirect mail addressed as such or returns to sender.